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Everybody loves rocks.
It’s not surprising when you think about it, we do all live on one big rock…
And if it weren’t for your ancestors’ knowledge and utilization of rocks throughout history, you wouldn’t even be here!
Even still, today, you rely more on rocks than you may know… in fact, you use them for nearly everything in life, more often than you’d ever have imagined…
after all, if it weren’t for rocks just like these, you even wouldn’t be able to see these rocks available for you to bring home right now!

There are thousands of minerals, made of scores of naturally occurring elements.
Some minerals have a wide variety of appearances and can look incredibly different,
while many of those 5,000 minerals can look the exact same as many of the others.
Some elements give distinct colors, while some can present in a rainbow of appearances…

It’s all so very fascinating, and we all have so very much left to learn!

After having collected the elements as they’re found naturally,
and a bunch of Colorado’s rocks,
ColoRockCo began December 8th, 2022…
to share both that opportunity and all these rocks with you!

Now go… learn something new, take a hike, make a discovery, and change tomorrow’s world for the better!

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