Colorado Barite


Colorado is famous for four kinds of barite:
the blue barite from hartsel, and clear barite from the bookcliffs near grand junction
as well as the yellowish crystals that can be found associated with precious metals from mines in the rockies,
and the white web of Barite associated with Acanthite and Silver in the San Juans


the following clear, cloudy white, and brown crystals come to you from the Sirius Mine

they’re fragile to some extent – 3 on mohs hardness scale,
but especially prone to cracking under hot/cold water

most aren’t very big, but for Barite, these are incredible!


Some are unbelievably “crystal clear”…
while others have fractures or planes visible throughout
Some have white Kaolinite inclusions,
|while the Brown hydrocarbon inclusions are fluorescent under UV light…
They’re all pretty amazing.


You can request a free sample, bring home a crystal for as little as $1, a wholesale lot for $150, or one of the most expensive currently listed at $350,

in addition to bags of paydirt to sift through and find some incredible crystals for yourself!
You can also send a message with any offers or special requests, and visit for even more!


In addition, you can send a message to receive coordinates for a good place to go to find your own!
However, it’s much more likely you’ll spend more in gas to go than you would on any crystal below…
and you may struggle to identify the Barite among all the Calcite, and not even find any!
Or, send a message to visit the Sirius Mine and find some for yourself with someone there showing you what’s what.

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