Triceratops Tooth


One incredibly rare 69-68 million year old Triceratops Tooth from the Laramie Formation in Weld County, Colorado

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This tremendously terrific Triceratops Tooth is from the Laramie Formation (68-69 million years old), in Weld County, Colorado, and there’s not a whole bunch more that can be said about this cool little rock, except it was once chomping on grass in the head of a Dinosaur!

The previous vendor had three and had listed them as the only ones they had ever seen from Colorado (as most are from Montana), and since acquiring this one, the other two seem to have disappeared from the internet, so this may be the only one still available for you to bring home and add to your collection!

It’s not listed for very cheap, as it’s rarity, uniqueness, and sentimentality makes this far easier to share with you on YouTube freely than sharing it with all those that’d like to have this in their collection as well, but feel free to send an offer if you’re interested!

Now that you’re seeing exactly what a Triceratops Tooth looks like, be sure to keep your eyes out for a rock like this if you’re walking around on the Laramie Formation, Hell Creek Formation, Mesa Verde Formation, or another formation which may also contain 68-83 million year old fossils, and you might just make a discovery! But as always, if you find something like this (or a Dinosaur Bone) on public property, leave it where you found it and alert a Paleontologist!


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