Thanks for your interest in coming to this page!
After all, if it weren’t for the hundreds of miners and dealers and rockhounds like you that have contributed rocks to ColoRockCo, ColoRockCo wouldn’t have all these rocks!

So, ColoRockCo is always buying rocks.
Especially the following rocks, and elemental specimens, and Colorado rocks, and collections.
Please send a message with some information on what you’re looking to sell!



The most sought-after minerals:

Hollingworthite, Bowieite, Kingstonite, or any other Rhodium-bearing rock
Indite or another Indium-bearing rock
Gold specimens on Quartz from the Camp Bird Mine
Any specimens from the Sunnyside Mine, Idarado Mine, Lost Day Mine, Gold King Mine, Champion Mine and all other mines near Ironton/Red Mountain #1/Poughkeepsie Gulch
Minerals from the Climax and Sweet Home Mines

Mesaite, and Mesa County minerals
Coloradoite from Colorado
Stillwaterite from Stillwater
Molybdenite from the Childs-Aldwinkle Mine
Tsumgallite, Renierite, and other rare specimens from the Tsumeb Mine
Rheniite from anywhere, as well as any Palladium-bearing rocks and other PGM-bearing rocks
A Moon Rock
a Martian rock

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