Frequently Asked Questions

Not many questions have actually been asked yet, so these are just ones you might (but probably don’t) have?
If you don’t see what you’re wondering, please send a message!

Do you accept returns?

Usually, yes! After 30 days, it’s quite likely still, but within 30 days of purchase is guaranteed, except, all sales of radioactive rocks are final! If you ever happen to find yourself unhappy with your purchase, or the recipient of the gift you had purchased is unhappy, please send a message and it’ll be made right!

Do you offer discounts?

Absolutely! Not all discounts will always apply, or will be accepted for every product, but if you’re interested in purchasing a rock and want to know, don’t hesitate to ask! Chances of discounts are also increased for bulk orders and local pickup in Grand Junction. 

Do you offer free shipping?

Usually, yes! All orders over $50 should receive free shipping. If for any reason there’s an error while checking out, please send a message.
Orders under $50 should be priced appropriately at checkout, but as most orders can ship flat rate, if it’s ever any more than $10, please send a message!

Exceptionally heavy rocks may cost more, as well as some international shipments, and on the rare occasions involving gallium and/or radioactive materials, but don’t let shipping stop you from something you may want!

Do you ship everywhere?

Yes! Or, yes? Some elements and some countries may present obstacles, but if there’s ever any issue, please send a message!


Do you buy rocks?
Do you buy/sell rocks collected from public lands?

No. Absolutely not. It’s illegal to sell any rock collected from public lands. Except those which have come from claimed mines…
While more rocks from more suppliers are always being added, your rock collected from wherever cannot be purchased. Sorry.
If you’ve found a major supply of cool rocks with endangered elements, file a mining claim and then you can put them all on!
Likewise, no rocks found by ColoRockCo on public lands as featured in any rockhounding videos are for sale, but many as featured on YouTube are available for free!

Where do you get your rocks?

It’s not really common business practice to divulge suppliers, but years of effort went into finding the best sources to provide for you some of the best rocks.
Colorado’s rocks are the specialty of this site, and most suppliers are miners and rock dealers in Colorado.
Occasionally, rocks and suppliers are from other states and countries – until you find Hutchinsonite or Rheniite in Colorado, for example, Peru and Russia provide rocks…

Why are some things so expensive?

If anything catches your eye but is frustratingly out of budget, feel free to send a message with an offer and negotiate! 

Being a newer company and newer to selling rocks in general, sometimes, some rocks may be mistakenly priced too high, or subjectively priced appropriately high while also being objectively overvalued.

ColoRockCo will always happy to provide you with what you’re searching for at a fair price, and you’re nearly always welcome to return any rock you’re not completely happy to bring home.

However, there are instances where a mineral is exceptionally rare, a crystal possesses phenomenal properties, or an element in a rock is traded worldwide with volatile spot prices fluctuating and inflating too quickly to keep track of in a store with nearly a hundred other elements and thousands of rocks, and some products will be costly with no chances of any discounts. 

Some rocks could even be considered an investment. Literally… Rocks seem to keep up with inflation… Maybe even outperform?
No guarantees on that, though. Don’t tell the SEC that incredible promises are being made.
However, just as gold is considered an investment, the gold in these rocks is as good as any other gold, and could be sold as is in the future with a good chance of it having appreciated in value? Or, it could be crushed, smelted, cast and then sold in its pure form to a pawn shop? Regardless, while gold and silver have long historically been considered valuable and used as a currency, today, we consider many metals even more valuable, and some, with more utility and less abundance…. Some, extremely so.

Sure, some rocks are kind of like the OG NFT, and some are like expensive pieces art – they’ll likely appreciate in value, they’re something special to look at, and they’re rare, but, with their actual utility, they’ll never be pumped and dumped by celebrities and lose 99% of their value, like other NFTs, or deteriorate, like the paper upon which Leonardo painted the Mona Lisa…

 As for the Barite crystals and other minerals mined in Colorado… It costs to eat before mining. There are costs involved to get there every day, including gas, tires, a vehicle, insurance, tools, snacks, drinks, bug spray, sun screen, gloves, etc…. Then, to mine and sell even one crystal, there’s the fee to claim the mine, then annual renewal fees… There’s costs involved with hiring others to help… There’s bonds the state/blm/epa require in order to remediate the site after mining is finished…. There’s costs for wood to support adits, then air, water… and the costs continue to get larger and larger the bigger the operation.
You’re welcome to send a message and ask where you can go to find something just like everything available here in the shop, but it’s quite likely you’ll spend more to go get any of the rocks here than by buying them from ColoRockCo.
Rocks are expensive…

Long story short, for the reasons above and many others unlisted, there are a number of reasons something may be expensive, but don’t let the price deter you!
Send a message – ColoRockCo will always be happy to help you find what you want at a price in your range! 


Do you accept any other forms of payment?

Yes! Nearly every form of payment works! ColoRockCo’s tried to make it easy for you to pay, but admittedly, it’s far from being as easy and comprehensive as originally envisioned. Feel free to send a message, ColoRockCo will work with you to exchange your money (or rocks) for rocks in the easiest way for you. Crypto, Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, Cash app, Fb pay, Wire transfer, Check, Cash, A trade for rocks, or nearly any other medium of exchange you’d prefer, ColoRockCo can likely accommodate…


Why ColoRockCo and not ColoRocko?

When the founder’s sister called and said, “you should start a rock shop and call it ColoRockCo” she didn’t answer the question as to how to spell it. She got another call and had to go. It might be a little complicated and confusing with the “ckC” in ColoRockCo, but ColoRocko just didn’t look as perfect, as right, as natural? When the local Business Incubator was then called to ask if an LLC could be started with a “Co” in its name, the knowledgeable gentlemen was a bit confused, so as to straighten things on the phone, the full story was shared, and he asked and immediately proclaimed, “oh, like the Colorado Rock Company, Colo Rock Co? That’s awesome!” and so it just kinda immediately stuck. It’s been a bit difficult for the first five months of business to get Google to show ColoRockCo to those searching for Colorocko, but hopefully, between this obscure question on the FAQ page and the recent YouTube video uploaded explaining how will still get you to, ColoRockCo may now show up when searching for Colorocko? If you found ColoRockCo after searching for ColoRocko, please, send a message!