Free Rocks

That’s right.
No cap.
You may think it seems a bit odd for a rock shop to be giving away free rocks…
And you’d typically be right…

but, other than registering your email or address by clicking here (to know where it should be sent), your YouTube subscription is the only string requested
no strings attached. no action necessary on your part whatsoever.

No spam emails, no email signup for promos, no spam mail in your mailbox and no emails –
other than the one asking for your mailing address and what kinds of rocks you’d like.

(Should you choose to also watch the videos, you might enjoy them!)

In the future, this page will continue to accumulate more free rocks, with multiple free rock videos currently on the way!
However, you can presently choose to receive the seashells and baculites as featured below, as well as barite, calcite, and other various colorado rocks that have yet to be filmed