whether you’re looking for gold and want to have some fun from home while also investing or just to practice panning,
or you’re looking to have some fun while searching through some Colorado dirt for amethyst, aquamarine, barite, or other gemstones,
you’re guaranteed to love the bags below!
* – availability subject to change without notice

ColoRockCo proudly carries Klesh’s line of Paydirt because it’s some of the best in Colorado that you could possibly bring home. Be sure to check out his YouTube channel to learn more about panning for gold and to see reviews of this gold and many other bags of paydirt. You’ll definitely be pleased with your purchase and to bring home your own bag of Klesh gold. You can also check out his website for more! The following photo is included from his website to give you a visual representation of his product line and the difficulty associated with each bag. More Colorado vendors may soon be added as well (so reach out if you’re one!), and ColoRockCo might attempt to someday bring to you its own line of gold paydirt, but there’s no beating klesh until he retires! For now, you can still get ColoRockCo’s own Barite Paydirt, and more varieties also hopefully coming soon!