Cooperite & Vysotskite


Platinum and Palladium with Sulfur on one small rock from Stillwater, Montana. If you’re desperate for this specific platinum- and palladium-bearing rock and can afford it, this is a great deal! However, if you’re looking for just any random rock with platinum or palladium, you can find Braggite, Kotulskite, Sperrylite, and possibly a few more by the time you’re reading this that are available at a much more reasonable price, but this is the ONLY Cooperite and Vysotskite available for sale anywhere on the entire internet (to the best of ColoRockCo’s knowledge – please send a message if you know of anymore!) and one of the only rocks available anywhere online for immediate sale which provides you the opportunity to bring home and add to your very own collection a verified Platinum and Palladium specimen. It’s probably dramatically underpriced, for that reason, and if you agree, and can afford it, you’re welcome to pay more for this rock, as well… but only however much you feel it’s truly worth! However, as always, you can also send an offer if you really want this!


2.3 × 1.3 × 0.5 cm

Previously listed with the description as “Metallic patch of the extremely rare platinum sulphide mineral cooperite associated to the palladium sulphide vysotskite in a specimen that was probably analyzed by the former owner of the specimen (the Vandenbroucke Museum, but the analysis is no longer available).”

Ex Vandenbroucke Museum collection from Waregem, Belgium.


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