About ColoRockCo

ColoRockCo Ltd. was founded on December 8th, 2022.
In reality, it all began years earlier, after a science degree and the horrible idea to collect the elements…

Colorado has some amazing geology, and with it, the opportunity to find and collect many – simply by picking them up off the ground.
After you find what’s known to be in Colorado, to continue collecting, you’ll need to either buy exotic rocks,
or be skilled at recognizing a rock you haven’t yet seen in a place not already known by prospectors and geologists…
but your visit here today may change the future and add to what’s known to be found in Colorado, and everywhere around the globe.
There is much still to be learned, and you can make the difference..

Geology is the foundational pillar for much of our understanding in STEM fields.
After physics, it’s likely also the first science any species needs to master for survival, but can we know if we know everything yet?
after all, the theory of plate tectonics is only ~60 years old?  the
idea seems pretty solid, but who knows, what will we learn in the next 60?!

Uranium, and everything we know to do with it, is a recent discovery still.
There are people living today who were born before we knew where to find it, in which rocks it could be found, how to extract it, and how to use it.
Thanks to it, and everything we’ve since learned, elements are still being discovered.
Elements 103-118 were all discovered likely in your lifetime.

Who knows, maybe element 119 or 126 or 164 is in the rock you’ve stepped over in your yard a million times, just waiting to be discovered.
The potential uses and the ways it could change the world, just sitting there waiting for you to recognize it, to understand it…
to use to build spaceships, or time machines, or power the world with the cleanest possible form of energy…?

And, who doesn’t love dinosaurs!? New dinosaur discoveries are still being made daily!

However, even when you prefer to think about reality, today, instead of historical giants or science fiction, we really need to find more elements in more places.
It’s a need that will be satisfied by somebody someway somehow someday very soon.
We’re going to see a lot change in the next decade, in our lives, and rocks will have a lot to do with it…

Can China be counted on to continue mining all the Neodymium we need for our F-35s?
Can Russia be relied on to provide Palladium so everyone in the world can continue making catalytic converters?
Can Ukraine continue exporting Neon so ASML’s photolithography machines can be made for Taiwan’s silicon chips to be produced?
And, Lithium… Lithium is the next oil. If we’re to all be driving electric cars in the near future, we need more. A
LOT more.
Same with Rare Earths, and so many other elements for so many other reasons.

Rocks are cool and all, with incredible colors, natural beauty, and an astounding variety of properties, but we should all know our rocks.
Not only is it natural and instinctive for humans to love rocks,  but it’s also natural for humans to remain content with mystery.

However, with better knowledge, with more trained eyes, we’ll soon be making new discoveries.
We’re going to see more mines open in Colorado, in America, and in new locations all around the world.
Thanks to all we’re about to do and the rocks we’ll find, life is going to change tremendously in the next decade, century, millenium…

That’s pretty much why ColoRockCo exists.

We’re all standing on the shoulders of giants.
Now, go and see further!


If you’d like to know anything else about the Colorado Rock Company, please send a message, or, feel free to watch by clicking here!