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Special and prized rocks
send a message with your offer, or expect to break the bank.
prices aren’t shown on this page because you probably don’t want to see them, anyway. they’re crazy.
these are rocks that will possibly become available  for much cheaper in decades – upon the closing of ColoRockCo,
or are available for you to bring home today for much more than they probably should be and would be on other websites…
if you could even find any of these on any other websites… (please send a message if you do!)
what you’ll see below is either a sentimental favorite, a pride and joy, a one-of-a-kind specimen, museum-grade , or unbelievably rare.
don’t expect to sell them to a rock or pawn shop for as much or more than you’ll buy them for…
or, do… you never know. these are investments for the right people.
but, like the mona lisa, both rare and a work of art, you shouldn’t be considering selling any rock you’ll see below while thinking of purchasing it.
instead, think of how it’ll look in your collection, and expect to keep it there for life. then, your kids can either throw it in the gravel driveway, or sell it for millions in 2100…