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While we thought after watching friends Google us, it’d be nice to be found when they searched for “Colorocko”, we’d like to clarify, we’re not associated with the Colorocko Taco, the Supermax tweeter, or any other “Colorocko” company or person and we lay no claim on that trademark, nor conduct any business with the Colorocko moniker.
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We all instinctively love rocks. We owe our survival to rocks. Even still, today, we rely on rocks for nearly everything in life.
Without them, we’d have no phone, no car, no tools, and no way to buy rocks online, and that’d be a shame…
Especially as there are some pretty cool rocks in Colorado worth sharing.

ColoRockCo is working to apply science to nature’s art and provide for you some of the coolest Colorado rocks, dinosaur bones and other fossils, meteorites and arrowheads, gemstones and crystals, native elements and rare mineral specimens, and much more.

While the best attempts are made to certify the validity that each mineral offered is what is claimed, rarely, a rock may be mislabeled. Human mistakes aside, one of the wonders of geology is how the same minerals can be found in different places with different appearances, and some similar-looking rocks in the same place could be a number of different minerals!

We likely don’t yet know everything when it comes to geology and chemistry, but who knows? What more don’t we know? Can we even know what we don’t yet know? Would we have still seen the enormous advances in our understanding of science, technology & engineering if it weren’t for some French chemists collecting and studying some interesting-looking yellow sandstone in Colorado 124 years ago, and the many other rocks discovered since? Would you be here, now, reading this?

Who knows what we’ll learn in the next hundred years, or what you may discover!

That’s why ColoRockCo is here; why the rocks, the science, and your happiness are so important.

ColoRockCo’s not only a rock shop, but a resource for you to help learn to identify the rocks around you; to read the history they tell, to help you collect the elements as they’re found naturally, to provide you the very same ingredients our predecessors had and were working with when they made their scientific discoveries, to bring you up to date on our current collective knowledge so you can then add to it and be more prepared to change tomorrow’s world for the better.

Having started less than a month ago, please excuse the site during construction…
If you find any errors/404s or have any ideas, suggestions or feedback, please send a message! For each, you’ll get a free rock with your next purchase!

Thanks for visiting! We’ll have more for you tomorrow, so see you again soon!