Pyrite on Sphalerite


Pretty neat Pyrite with some sweet Sphalerite from the 2SE stope 21 Level of the Camp Bird Mine, near Ouray, Colorado.

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Pyrite was “named in antiquity from the Greek ‘pyr’ for ‘fire’, because sparks flew from it when struck with another mineral or metal and known to Dioscorides (~50 CE) under the name ‘περι υληζ ιατρικηζ’ which included both pyrite and chalcopyrite” according to Mindat. Also from Mindat, Sphalerite was “named in 1847 by Ernst Friedrich Glocker from the Greek σφαλεροζ ‘sphaleros’ = treacherous, in allusion to the ease with which dark varieties were mistaken for galena, but yielded no lead. Originally called blende in 1546 by Georgius Agricola (Georg Bauer). Known by a variety of chemical-based names subsequent to Agricola and before Glocker, including ‘zincum’.”

Hope you all enjoy this expensive pyrite specimen as much through the screen as ColoRockCo does in person! It’s a personal favorite. The Camp Bird Mine is perhaps one of the coolest mines of all those within Colorado (look at photos of Yankee Boy Basin!), and this is one cool specimen – especially for being Pyrite on Sphalerite!


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