This Gold-, Silver-, and Tellurium-bearing Sylvanite specimen makes its debut for your consideration from the Cresson Mine, near Cripple Creek, Colorado.

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Sylvanite partially gets its name from an occurrence in Transylvania, but more so, because Sylvanium is an obsolete term for Tellurium. It was first found in Baia de Arieș, Alba County, Romania, and it’s since been found in a few hundred more localities worldwide. It’s most commonly found near low temperature hydrothermal veins with many other nearby associated important ores.

Sylvanite is photosensitive and can accumulate a dark tarnish if it is exposed to bright light for too long. It has a hardness of 1.5-2 and a specific gravity of 8.2. It typically presents in a white, grey, or gold colored, and can sometimes be purple due to the Tellurium. However, that mine has also produced some purple Creedite and purple Fluorite crystals on specimens with Sylvanite, Tellurite, and Calaverite.

While you can’t go to the Cresson Mine to look for some for yourself, Sylvanite is found all over Colorado, so go take a hike in the mountains near you and find some!


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