This is available for you to purchase and bring home if you’d like, but it’s priced according to available supply, and there are no guarantees made as to the composition of this mineral. Send a message or read more below for more information!

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There’s a lot to this rock, and ColoRockCo can’t make any guarantees… Assuming the previous seller was honest, this is Rhodium, but without an XRF assay, it’s a gamble.

You can purchase this and perform your own assay and return it if this isn’t Rhodium, minus restocking fees, or you can enjoy it through your screen forever for free!

However, if this is Rhodium, and with Rhodium currently priced at $4,450/oz, this is a great deal if it’s truly Rhodium!

This is what’s in your Catalytic Converters, and what thieves are seeking when they remove yours from your vehicle. This, non-descript, black chemical. This black chemical cleans the air coming out of your exhaust, and catalyzes many more reactions!


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