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A cool, clear, terminated 32CT Barite crystal with a phantom face, from the Sirius Mine, near Grand Junction, Colorado. You can officially be the third human to ever hold it!

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Barite has a hardness of 3 and a specific gravity of 4.5. It was named in 1800 by Dietrich Ludwig Gustav Karsten from the Greek βαρύς for ‘heavy’, due to its unusual heaviness for being a non-metallic mineral. It’s a common mineral, found in more than 13,949 recorded localities all over the world, according to Mindat, typically “as thick to thin tabular crystals, usually in clusters with the crystals growing parallel to one another, or nearly so. Also as bladed, white masses.”

Colorado is known for six localities on Mindat: the Eagle Mine, the Black Cloud Mine, the Sherman Mine, the Bulldog Mine, the Hartsel Mining District, and the Sterling Mine in Weld County, but Mindat is missing one of the most impressive, as those mines don’t offer specimens like this!

There are 268 crystals that have been uploaded to the shop as of the date of this upload, and some additional crystals that have yet to make their appearance, but there are another 10,000 crystals that were gathered during the 2023 mining season available for you to bring home, so if you’d like any stunning Barite (or Baryte) crystals for your Barium sample, or a sample for as little as $1, or if you’re looking to get a bulk lot of crystals to resell, or a bulk lot of rough Barite for lapidary purposes, or one of the biggest and best that aren’t posted, feel free to reach out and send a message for custom orders! You can choose between the clearest 1% of the best 1% of all the crystals, or milky-white, or root beer brown colored, or slightly blue, and of a bunch of various shapes and sizes… but this is definitely one of the coolest crystals available!

The Sirius Mine opened in early 2022 and is providing some of the best Barite available, and if this video or the | Barite Playlist doesn’t impress you, feel free to send a message for a free sample so you can see some for yourself with your own eyes, or check out, or and  @gjrecording  for even more Barite!


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