Gems and Minerals Discovery Paydirt


A challenging bag of Colorado Gold Paydirt with at least 1/4 gram guaranteed

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Klesh is awesome. If you haven’t already, you should check out his YouTube channel. Especially if you’re interested in learning more about gold panning.

Coming from his website (which also has a bunch of other paydirt and other cool products):

Every bag will contain more than 10 different types of unpolished natural gems and minerals from the list below. In addition, most bags will likely contain a small amount of real gold that you can find by panning like a “normal” paydirt, and almost all bags have at least a few VERY TINY diamonds, so take your time with the small stuff – Also don’t forget to add a panning kit to your cart to make it easy!

Gem and Mineral ID Chart

The Discovery bags are the least difficult of my paydirt products. You can simply dry classify to 1/4” directly from the bag and get about 75% of the gemstones separated from the dirt. Closer inspection will reveal even more, smaller pieces. Diamonds and small garnets will be easiest found when panning, but the diamonds will be very difficult to find. Don’t worry, if you can’t find them, they’re not super valuable. The Discovery bags will be hours of fun for all ages!

If you’re lucky, you’ll get a “Bonus bag” – Bonus Bags will contain a large gold nugget or a valuable faceted gemstone! Chances for a bonus bag are random.

About 5% of the bags contain a collectible Klesh guitar pick. Older pick versions still available HERE.

Partial list of gems and minerals you can find in your Discovery bag:

Agate – South Dakota, USA

Amethyst -Brazil

Amber – Columbia

Amazonite – Colorado, USA

Anthracite (coal) – Pennsylvania, USA

Apatite (Blue) – Madagascar

Aquamarine – Afghanistan


Calcite (orange, blue and green)

Chalcedony (South Dakota, USA)





Emerald (Brazil)



Gold (USA)


Jasper (South Dakota, USA)





Pyrite (USA)

Quartz (USA)

Rose Quartz

Ruby (Africa)




Turquoise (Mexico)

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