Gold Impossible Paydirt


A challenging bag of Gold Paydirt with at least 1/4 gram guaranteed

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Klesh is awesome. If you haven’t already, you should check out his YouTube channel. Especially if you’re interested in learning more about gold panning.

Coming from his website (which also has a bunch of other paydirt and other cool products):

There will be lots of “heavies” and “annoyances” such as Crushed Pyrite (fools gold), Tungsten powder (super heavy!) and Fine Garnet sand with some super fine flour gold and WET Washington Beach magnetic AND non-magnetic black sands in the Gold Impossible Bags.

The contents of Impossible bags are shipped wet adding another layer of difficulty, making the magnetic material even more difficult to remove. Not that it would help, since about half of the heavies aren’t magnetic anyway!

Certainly a great challenge for yourself and you’ll get your money’s worth if you’re looking for “hours of fun”!

I have added OVER 0.25 Grams of Gold to each Impossible bag. Some bags have much more gold and a nice big gold nugget thrown in – I call these “Bonus Bags”. Some bags will have a “Klesh” guitar pick added.

Difficulty is rated 10 out of 10

I recommend doing any of my other paydirt products before attempting the “Impossible” bag. Or just buy “The Complete Klesh Panning Experience” for a huge discount and go from “Easiest” to “Toughest”, it would make a really great gift for someone!

*Gold Impossible Paydirt is not representative of a true Colorado panning experience, however our repeat buying customers say it’s the best thing ever, take a look below at some of the photos and reviews written by our customers.

Don’t forget to get a gold nugget, panning kit, decal or t-shirt before checking out!

All Gold Paydirt from is mined directly from natural gold bearing rivers and dry creek beds in Colorado (and Washington State Black Sand Beaches for Impossible bags) which means there could be sharp objects such as pieces of glass, bullets, sharp metal (wire/nails) or other “possibly dangerous” items hidden within these products.

*Save on Shipping and purchase with another paydirt!*

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