Gold Blast – Colorado Paydirt


A great bag of genuine Colorado Gold Paydirt with at least one full gram guaranteed!

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Klesh is awesome. If you haven’t already, you should check out his YouTube channel. Especially if you’re interested in learning more about gold panning. You can search YouTube for “Klesh Gold Blast Paydirt” and see a bunch of unbiased reviews of this exact product, and you can watch the video he made for this:

Coming from his website (which also has a bunch of other paydirt and other gold related products):

Difficulty level is rated 5 out of 10.

ALL bags guaranteed to have MORE THAN 1 Gram of Gold!

Gold size will range from big 12 mesh pickers to 30 mesh flakes. Any super fine flour gold is 100% natural from the river from where this paydirt material is acquired. Some bags have much more gold and a nice big gold nugget thrown in – I call these “Bonus Bags”.

Material is under 1/2” gold mining concentrates obtained by myself from gold bearing placer deposits here in the mountains of Colorado. This is 100% river gravels exactly as they occur naturally. Weight per bag will vary somewhere between 8 ounces and 12 ounces. A magnet isn’t really necessary for black sand removal, unless you’re looking to more easily recover that hard to get natural flour gold!

*Minerals/Gemstones may be larger than 1/2”. I’ve made a visual guide to help you identify some of your gems and minerals right here.

You’ll also have a chance at finding bonus items such as Gemstones, Klesh Guitar Picks, and other items such as bullet lead etc. Not every bag will contain these items, but some will.

If this intermediate level of difficulty is too easy (or tough) for you but you’d still like a full gram (or more) of gold in your bag, check out my Custom Paydirt page, you choose the amount of gold added and the difficulty level!

Don’t forget to grab a Panning Kit, Klesh Guitar Pick, some Gold Nuggets, Native Silver, Decal or Klesh Shirt before checking out!

*Save on Shipping and purchase with another paydirt!

All Gold Paydirt from is mined directly from natural gold bearing rivers and dry creek beds in Colorado which means there could be sharp objects such as pieces of glass, bullets, sharp metal (wire/nails) or other “possibly dangerous” items hidden within these products.

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