Orthoclase, Quartz, Mica, Pegmatite


You’ll receive either one, a handful, or a larger box of some pretty special rock(s). Message us with any special requests, or you’ll receive a rock that could be almost 2 billion years old, and a random selection of Rose/Milky/Clear Quartz, or Pegmatite, possibly with Muscovite Mica. Without any guarantees, you could possibly even get some graphite, thorite, calcite, zircons, garnets, amethyst, molybdenite, fluorite, azurite, malachite, and while highly unlikely, possibly even some gold or rare earths! Other than having been picked up by hand for passing the leaverite test, tossed in a bucket and washed, they haven’t been closely examined or searched with care, so you’ll never know what you might find!


Unaweep Canyon is geologically fascinating. Not only is it quite unique and exceptional for a number of reasons including that water flows out of it in both directions, but it offers dozens of elements over billions of years. Some of the rock has been around for nearly half of the Earth’s life! Uplifted, eroded a bit before it was buried, then it was exposed again, buried again by thousands of feet of dirt above it, uplifted again, exposed again, and so on, for literal eons. The Unaweep Canyon is maybe 40 miles long, but in that canyon, you can definitely find zircons, garnets, amethyst, molybdenite, fluorite, azurite, malachite, and gold. However, these rocks were picked up because they either looked cool enough to pick up, or because of a crazy theory they may even also contain coloradoite, graphite, calcite, rare earths and more, so who knows what you may find!

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10lbs, 20lbs, 5lbs, Large Handful, One Exceptional Rock


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