Trilobites (likely) from Morocco – each order is for ONE (1) – either send a message to request a specific Trilobite, or you’ll receive one at random

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Trilobites lived between 521-251.9 million years ago, populating the oceans all over the world for nearly 300 million years. They’re found all over, but a majority of the commercially available Trilobites come from Morocco.

Within Colorado, you can find Trilobites in the Beldon Formation and other Pennsylvanian strata, and at the Florissant Fossil beds, but they’re pretty hard to come by… There’s even more that can be found just across the border into Utah in the Wheeler Shale, and even more in New York at the Penn Dixie Fossil Park and Nature Preserve.

According to Wikipedia, Trilobites were first documented when “Rev. Edward Lhwyd published in 1698 in The Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, the oldest scientific journal in the English language, part of his letter ‘Concerning Several Regularly Figured Stones Lately Found by Him'”.

Trilobites aren’t exceptionally valuable, but they’re a personal favorite, and an awesome fossil for history lovers!


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