Silver Wire


a small but sweet Silver Wire from the Bulldog Mine, near Creede, Colorado

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Silver has a hardness of 2½ – 3 and a specific gravity of 10.1 – 11.1. According to Mindat, Silver gets its name from the “Old English word ‘seolfor’ whose original meaning is now lost. The current spelling ‘silver’ was known as early as 1478. Known in ancient Roman times as argentum. The chemical element abbreviation Ag comes from argentum.”

Mindat also states that “it is primarily found as a constituent of hydrothermal veins, often associated with copper” and “unlike gold, it is soluble in any oxidizing mineral acid.”

Silver is found in thousands of locations worldwide and hundreds within Colorado, but Native Silver Wires are a bit more fragile and rare! Not only would this be one of the most prized possessions for any element collector, but for Colorado mineral collectors and Silver collectors as well!

Be sure to keep your eyes out for a cool wire like this on your next hike and you might just discover a fortune with your new Silver mine!


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