This Senarmontite specimen was found at its Type Locality – the Djebel-Hamimate Mine in Constantine, Algeria, and it’s now waiting to come home with you!

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Senarmontite is a cool, Antimony crystal, but therefore, it’s not a rock you should handle before eating or allow kids to handle unsupervised. Antimony isn’t the safest element…

The hardness of Senarmontite clocks in at 2 – 2½ and its specific gravity is 5.5. It was named in 1851 in honor of Henri Hureau de Sénarmont, a Professor of Mineralogy at the School of Mines in Paris, who first described the species. This mineral has been found in maybe a couple hundred places around the world, seemingly in altered and oxidized Antimony deposits, but not much more seems to be known about it.

While Antimony has been known of for over 5,000 years, and over 100,000 tons are refined annually still for flame retardants, lead–acid batteries, and plastics, Antimony isn’t a prized metal or typically something for which someone would go prospecting, but it can still be worthwhile if you stumble on a rock like this! Just keep in mind, Antimony isn’t very beneficial to your health…


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