This Pyrochlore specimen was found in Myeba, Tanganyika, Tanzania, and it’s now waiting to come home with you

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Pyrochlore contains Niobium, Oxygen and Hydrogen, and then it contains Sodium, Calcium, Tin, Strontium, Lead, Antimony, Yttrium, Uranium, and/or water, and Oxygen, Hydrogen, Fluorine, Oxygen, and/or water. It’s pretty much a variable, complex oxide mineral.

It’s found on every continent in hundreds of known localities, typically near magmatic intrusions, granites, pegmatites and carbonatites. It’s often mined for its Niobium content as well as its other elements, and for that reason, it’s a pretty cool elemental sample for so many various elements!

Pyrochlore gets its name for turning the flame green when burned. It’s hardness is around 5 and its specific gravity is around 4.5.


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