Painted Rock


This is a cute little hand-painted rock waiting to come home with you – featuring an Aspen leaf on one side and a branch on the obverse, in case you’d like a souvenir to remember your time in Grand Junction, Colorado, or would like to add it to your collection of other painted rocks!

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Hand painted by a Colorado artist for a perfect gift or souvenir!

When you decide to bring this home, 100% of the proceeds will go to the artist and more of their work will be added to the shop! Additionally, future rocks will decrease in price… This is a bit of a test, and depending on its reception, there may be more, but regardless, there may still be more hand-painted rocks added someday of other various scenes and/or from other artists – so send a message if you’d like yours featured!

Its original color may likely be the red you see, it’s not known for sure what the mineral or rock itself is, but it appears to be covered in a bit of a nuanced glitter and a clear coat finish. This is bound to be a perfect gift for a loved one, or the perfect compliment to your collection!

Take a moment if you’re willing to leave a comment on the video if you watch it on YouTube or send a message and let ColoRockCo know what you think of this and/or if you’d like to see more or less like this in the future! Rocks themselves are both a beautiful work of art made by nature, and a canvas with which artists can make even more art! Go find a rock and make your own, or bring this home instead!


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