Amethyst #12


An awesome Amethyst from the Humming Bird Mine, in Mesa County, Colorado

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Not only are the Amethyst crystals in a cluster, completely terminated, and clearly having grown on Calcite crystals – thereby giving it a really cool and unique texture underneath, but they’re also included with dark-red bands of Hematite and mixed with green Malachite and UV-reactive, botryoidal Fluorite! There’s a lot to this, to say the least, and it’ll be one of the stars of your collection, for sure!

While this would make for a cool Calcium, Fluorine, Silicon, Iron, Copper, or Oxygen sample for element collectors, it’s almost like it’s more of a finished painting rather than a representation of any one color, and may strike the eye of a crystal collector, first!

The Humming Bird Mine is between Grand Junction and Gateway, in Western Colorado, in the Unaweep Canyon. Historically, the Nancy Hanks Gulch has seen Copper and Fluorite mining, and is now witnessing the Amethyst left behind previously being claimed from 400′ underground. There’s a trail you can take to find some light purple-ish kinds of quartz, but you won’t find anything this spectacular without digging! But, the best is already claimed, and the rest is on private property! So, if you want any of this incredible Amethyst, you’ll have to go to or


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