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Azurite from the Cashin Mine
Smoky Quartz  with Hematite from Red Feather Lakes, CO
Riebeckite from Gold Camp Rd in Colorado Springs
Cuprohodsite from Russia
Sudburyite from Sweden
Gold from Alma, CO
Gold on Sphalerite from the Dixie Mine
Sylvanite from the Cresson Mine in Cripple Creek, Colorado
Native Tellurium, Hessite & Petzite from the Cold Spring Mine
Argentite from “Colorado”
Epidote from Ouray, CO
Amazonite from Lake George, CO
Aquamarine from Mt. Antero
Aquamarine on Smoky Quartz & Biotite from Mt. Antero
Tourmaline from the Brown Derby Mine
Tourmaline & Lepidolite from the Brown Derby Mine
Sperrylite from the Vermillion Mine in Ontario
Ammonite from Grand Junction, CO
Galena, Sphalerite & Dolomite from Rico, CO
Molybdenite from the Childs-Aldwinkle Mine in AZ
Dickthomssenite from Gateway, CO
Andymcdonaldite  from the High Grade Hill,in Juab County, UT
Weissbergite In Parapierrotite from Lookout Pass, in Tooele County, UT

Fergusonite-Y from the Oregon #3 Mine, in Jefferson County, CO
Hawleyite & Greenockite from Bolivia
Pascoite from the Sunday Mine
Hafnon from the Tanco Mine in Manitoba
Pentlandite from Sudbury Basin in Ontario
Coloradoite from the Bessie “G” Mine
Renierite from the DR Congo
Renierite & Germanite from Tsumeb
Dagenaisite & Xocolatlite from the North Star Mine in San Juab County, UT
Rhodochrosite from the Sweet Home Mine
Dinosaur Bones from Western CO/Eastern UT
Radioactive Dinosaur Bones from Western CO/Eastern UT
Leibigite (believed to be from the Uravan region, CO)
Knightia Fossil (believed to be from NW CO/NE UT/SW WY)
Davidite-La from the Radium Hill Mine, in Australia
Pollucite from the Tanco Mine, in Canada
Zincobriartite from the DR Congo
Zircon v. Cyrtolite from the Rose Dawn Mine, in Park County, CO
Lorandite on Realgar from North Macedonia
Dyscrasite from the Příbram District, Czech Republic
Erythrite from the Sara Alicia Mine, in Mexico
Gahnite from Grape Creek, in Fremont County, CO, ex Bill Chirnside