Sphalerite on Skeletal Galena


This special specimen is Galena with some Sphalerite crystals, and it may have come from the Commodore Mine near Creede, Colorado, but it’s now waiting to come home with you!

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The previous owner claimed the crystals were yellow Chalcopyrite, but if you check the Mindat page https://www.mindat.org/loc-3609.html for other rocks from that mine, you’ll see very similar specimens with Sphalerite as what’s claimed to be the yellow crystals. Therefore, since editing this video and finding that out, the intro to the video is likely wrong, but nonetheless, this rock is pretty cool!

As lead isn’t something you should consume, you definitely want to wash your hands following handling this mineral, but it’s safe otherwise. It’s a pretty cool sample of Lead, Sulfur and/or Zinc!


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