Bavenite from its TL, the Seula mine, in the Verbano-Cusio-Ossola Province of Piedmont, Italy

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Very closely related to Bohseite, Bavenite has a hardness of 5½ and a specific gravity of 2.71 – 2.74. Published first in 1901 and named after its TL, it’s since been found in nearly 300 recorded localities around the world on most continents, but it has yet to be found in Colorado.

Bavenite is a brilliant sample of Beryllium (2.81%), Calcium (17.65%), Aluminum (3.48%), or Silicon (27.75%), Oxygen (48.11%), and Hydrogen (0.22%) for element collectors. Interestingly, this mineral is also weakly piezoelectric!

“It is a cheap mineral considering its rarity” according to Wikipedia, and it doesn’t seem to be a common ore or produce any museum-quality crystals, but it’s still bodacious! Keep an eye out for a mineral like this and you’ll now be able to identify Bavenite!


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