a cool Cobaltlotharmeyerite from the Bou Azzer Mine in Morocco

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Cobaltlotharmeyerite has a hardness of 4½ and a specific gravity of 4.13. It was named as the cobalt-dominant analogue of Lotharmeyerite, which was named by Pete J. Dunn in 1983 in honor of Julius Lothar Meyer, a chemist who developed early concepts for the periodic table of elements.

It’s found in only 11 localities worldwide as a secondary phosphate mineral in cobalt and nickel-bearing ore dumps, often associated with Cobaltaustinite, Dolomite, Roselite, Quartz, Spherocobaltite, Cobalt-bearing Austinite, Erythrite, Wendwilsonite, and Talmessite-Anorthoroselite.

At roughly 34% Oxygen, 32% Arsenic, 13% Cobalt, 9% Calcium, 8% Iron, 4% Nickel, and 1% Hydrogen, this mineral would make for a great representation of Arsenic and Cobalt as they’re found naturally for element collectors from a famous mine.

With its very limited known presence around the world, be sure to keep your eyes out for a rock like this and make a new discovery!


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