Rock Identification

If you have a rock and you’re not sure what it is and you’d like it identified, you can send it in to ColoRockCo for definitive confirmation or an educated estimate.

First, send a message to with your name, address, and an attached picture of your rock,
then, either purchase which ID option you’d like, or send a check/money order with your rock to ColoRockCo.
You’ll get your identified rock back asap with a good idea or definitive confirmation of what you have.

To have your rock assayed by a lab to determine the concentrations of  all trace elements, click here to purchase the Lab ID, or send $300 with your rock.
It must be at least 100 grams, and ~40% will be returned in a powder form.

To have your rock identified to a reasonable certainty, click here to purchase the Rock ID, or send $30 with your rock.
It will be returned in the same condition (excepting any shipping damage), it can be any size, and any failed IDs will result in a refund and free rock.